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Nigerian Boy Poses With Bush Baby He Killed in Enugu State (Photos)

An excited Nigerian boy displayed a bush baby which he killed after a hunt in a nearby forest just as he prepared to devour it.

According to reports, the animal which is said to be a bush baby was nabbed and killed in a bush overnight.

The young boy who couldn’t contain his excitement posed with the nocturnal primate after the kill.

See more photos and some reactions below:

Chidimma Okonkwo Who remembered the story they said about this bush baby……….that it cries like a baby at night and when you come out to see what it was, it will use it long breast to strangle you to death.

Abe Wale Lawrence So sad, this is Koala 😞 ! We should be conscious of the beauties of our environment which include other lives by refraining from destroying wild life

Abayomi Hamzat People will see how Edo girl shout said nah bihari be this , na witch turn to demon 😈👿 😂 a few month ago lol , if you see this baby bush in Yoruba land youre a million naira because we always use it , it call egbere in Yoruba land

Muhammed Abdulrashid So gossipmill impregnant yabaleftonline and them throway the pikin for bush. For God sake waiting be bushbaby? May God have ronaldo on Gossipmill messi isn’t enough.

Reagan Eddie Nagaer So this is what a bush baby looks like? all those scary stories as a child about bush babies and this is what they look like😏🙄 i be damned



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