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Motorists Queuing For Fuel In Kaduna Cheer On President Buhari During Visit (Photo)

The fuel scarcity which has crippled economic activities in all parts of Nigeria, didn’t stop Motorists in Kaduna who queued up for fuel at the fuel station from cheering on President Buhari as his convoy drove past them, during his recent visit to the state.

Twitter user, Obochi Samuel who shared the photo tweeted;

“President Mohammadu Buhari receiving cheers from motorists on fuel queue in Kaduna yesterday. Nigerians know where their problems lie. Sai baba Sai Buhari”

see some reactions below;

Edas Collins The North are the most tribal people in Nigeria as far as Buhari is their brother they will never see anything wrong in his administration And this is why Nigeria is still backward Most of them who went to welcome him can’t even eat 2 Square meal a day but they will still be happy to vote buhari in 2019 My own is thunder should paralyzed them and their Sai baba

John Morris Muorah Y i don’t argue or debate with Northerners,dy re too blind,gulible,u can’t even reason wit dem nd dy can’t even mke any sense,jst talking off point,Education is jst a waste dia,dy are one of d problems Nigeria can’t move forward

Taiye Amos The only govt Nigerian appreciate is govt of hardship,How can you employ someone leaving like pig to be ur cleaner?You expect Buhari who aimed from the most backward region in the whole world to develop Nigeria, why won’t ppl of his type wallowing in hardship chere him while on suffering ground.

PaultrustPlc Azuka In posts like dis,,,i dnt look or read everybdys comment….i will tke my tym to scroll the comments till i see names like umaru,mohammed n co,,,cos i knw dias wud be diff frm normal human beings comments,,its lyk dos set of pple ve bin programmed to suffer…useless pple

Elochukwu Ezeani U never know this people and how they follow there leaders blindly. They are the only people I have seen happily suffering and praising there leaders

the northerners are the major problem we have in this country. dey dnt care if der are suffering or not,
all they want is to make sure power remains in the north. stupidity of the north!

Chiaka Justin Nigeria Youths we have been brainwashed we were told that we are the leaders of tomorrow now we are getting old and this old men are still leading us and we are making fun of it highest those people were given was 500 naira and they are behaving like fools I only blame the Yoruba’s for selling there vote to Apc now I believe there Eyes have opened

Mujeeb Bello Mugun ni awon ppl yi sha. Why would u continue this suffering and smiling?! Instead of dem to bone, frown and probably try to block the convoy say hin nor go pass until he address dem on the scarcity, or better still to question the President why the scarcity, but they were busy clapping for him. God bless Baba Fela for telling us nothing, but the truth! Oga o…….



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